by Aiman Sawan on 2004/11/28 18:54:31 890, updated on 2014/05/16 06:59:06 045

Rowing machine


Released ButorWiki version 3.0.0-B1.


Released ButorWiki version 3.0.0-RC2. Converted front UI to Bootstrap. Qooxdoo are used for everything else. Not ready yet for download.


Fixed a cross site scripting vulnerability with the "service" parameter in a URL. The only affected product is ButorWiki-3.0.0-RC1. This revision was not downloaded nor installed by any client because it is not ready yet for download. See documented bug here.


Released ButorWiki version 3.0.0-RC1. It is a RIA edition using qooxdoo framework. Not ready yet for download.


ButorWiki version 3.0.0 is under development . It is a RIA edition using qooxdoo framework.

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